First Rides Revised

by LaserPowerBlast

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Songs 1, 3, 4, 5 were previously released as singles (2015-2016) but they were revised, remixed, and remastered for this album.

Song 2 is a new version of "Infiltrator" which was released as part of a demo.

All songs were compiled to fit the Laser Rider story cannon, as the first mission before the "Into The Lair" album.

Hence the name "First Rides":

Decades ago, a bike rider on the run was speeding down the desert night when a meteorite crashed near him. .
Curious by the scene, the rider searched the debris and found a canister with a powerful futuristic weapon and along with it, a message addressed to him:

“We send you this message from many years into the future. In our time we were conquered by an alien invasion that in your current date is preparing to attack from within Earth itself. We were unprepared and outnumbered, but there is still hope…you.

Take this weapon, your mission, is to seek the alien Lairs and destroy them while they still weak and small in numbers.
You will have the upper hand, they have no defense against the weapon’s powerful laser blast. Yet.

We are counting on you, as the chosen one, the future of humanity is in your hands.”

With no second thoughts, the rider grabbed the weapon and followed its directions towards his target.

His journey has just begun…


released June 27, 2016

Produced by LaserPowerBlast



all rights reserved


LaserPowerBlast California

LaserPowerBlast is a vehicle to make a soundtrack for a Sci-fi story, tribute to 80's movies or indie games OST.

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Track Name: Journey Back To The Pacific Coast (revised)
Original version released May 7, 2015
Produced by LaserPowerBlast