Into The Lair

by LaserPowerBlast

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The story begins on a night in 1984...

He rode down the desert with his motorcycle, until something fell from the sky. It was a Laser gun sent from the future to battle the aliens in the present that managed to conquer civilization from within.
He was called the Laser Rider and already completed his first mission which was to destroy a small alien base near where he found the laser gun. After that he rode back to the pacific coast in wait for his next mission...

The waiting ended.

The Laser Rider returns again for his second mission.

What seems to be a private, heavily guarded mining facility, underneath it hides a horde of aliens getting ready for invasion.
The mission, rescue any abducted humans and annihilate the enemy at all cost.

It is time to power up the laser blaster and to go Into The Lair....


released November 21, 2015

Produced by LaserPowerBlast
Artwork by RetroRex (LPB)



all rights reserved


LaserPowerBlast California

LaserPowerBlast is a vehicle to make a soundtrack for a Sci-fi story, tribute to 80's movies or indie games OST.

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Track Name: We Are Not Alone (credits song)
We are not alone.

chorus x4:
We are not alone
Among us is where they are

Those weird sounds you hear at night
those glimmering eyes away from the light
You start to feel the fear creeping.
They will get you when you are sleeping

They will abduct you and take you to their lair
(You)See a dark corridor and smell full of dead air
You will scream, no one will hear
You wished you never end up here

Enter a room ,full of them
you see a table, which is your bed
they strip you down, they tie you down
They gather up to takes your insides out

They are evil, and they want us dead
They are here, and they will spread

You heard of the stories but you never cared
Now is late, you belong to them

chorus x4:
We are not alone
Among us is where they are